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Are you in need of roofing repairs, maintenance, or a new roof installation in Henderson, Texas? At Cook & Son Roofing, we proudly provide our Henderson, TX residents with exceptional residential and commercial roofing at affordable prices. Since 1965, we’ve been the trusted roofing contractor in Henderson, TX - creating stunning and sturdy roofs. 

Henderson, TX
Seamless Gutters

Gutters on any home or business provide an invaluable service, ensuring runoff from rain, water, snow, and other environmental factors have a place to go. However, if your gutters are old, dysfunctional, or simply don't match your home, you may need our seamless gutter installation. Our guys have experience with a wide range of gutter brands and gutter styles. For more information on new gutters for homes and businesses near Henderson, TX, contact Cook & Son Roofing today.

Henderson, TX
Roofing Company

At Cook & Son Roofing of Henderson, we specialize in the repair of roofs that have sustained damage as a result of age, accident, or disaster. Our mastery of modern roofing techniques, styles, and how to implement high-quality materials are key to providing industry-leading roofing solutions. Our maintenance programs allow you to keep your roof in perfect quality, providing you with a sense of peace that can’t be beat. We often work with homeowners insurance when repairing or replacing a residential roof so allow us to help you with that too. Cook & Son Roofing has provided uninterrupted roofing repair, installation, and maintenance services to Henderson, Texas since 1965.

Regular Gutters vs. Seamless Gutters


Traditional gutters can be more affordable because you can get them in inexpensive vinyl or aluminum, and they’re easy to install. However, seamless gutters are a better long-term investment because they can’t come apart at the joints, and they leak far less than their traditional counterparts.


Seamless gutters are usually stronger and work well for homeowners that experience frequent clogging, but don’t want to flush their gutters often.


Both seamless and traditional gutters can last 20 years or more if they are regularly cleaned and maintained. Copper gutters can last up to 50 years!


Seamless gutters don’t have visible joints or seams, so they can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. They also eliminate the need for gutter guards. If your gutter system is failing to direct water away from roofing shingles, your home’s foundation, or landscaping you’ve worked hard to cultivate, it’s time for new seamless gutters.


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