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The dedicated, experienced team at Cook & Son Roofing proudly provides the Longview, Texas area with trusted residential and commercial roofing and gutter installation, maintenance, and repair services. As a home or business owner, you know that your roof and gutters are far too important to be left to the amateurs. After 55 years of experience in the industry, we believe we have the skills and experience necessary to get the job done on your roof and gutters in Longview, no matter how complex the project or specific your needs may be.

Longview, TX
Seamless Gutters

Cook & Son Roofing provides seamless gutter installation, repair, and replacement services to our customers in Longview, Texas. Our premium quality gutter installation services in Longview mean your gutters will not only be incredibly strong, but will also be far more resistant to the damage that traditional gutters may be susceptible to. Our team wants to extend to you the experience of working with an incredibly experienced, knowledgeable, and hyper-competent group of gutter installation, repair, and maintenance contractors in Longview. We know our services will help you prolong your structure’s lifespan, enhance its curb appeal, and increase its overall value.

Longview, TX
Roofing Services

A high-quality roofing system repair job in Longview means you won’t need to worry about exposure to the elements. That’s why you can’t trust your most valuable investment – your home or business – to the amateurs. You need a roofing repair, installation, and maintenance contractor in Longview that has been in the business since 1965, providing exceptional work to customers throughout East Texas. Our goal is to help you keep your roof in perfect quality, ensuring you maintain a peace of mind that you might never have thought possible. When you are ready to enlist the services of a company with deep ties to the Longview, Texas area, contact us today for your roofing repair, installation, replacement, and routine maintenance needs.

Solutions Beyond Asphalt Roofing Shingles

Residential metal roofing, tile roofing, or wooden shake are growing in popularity as they give homes a more stylized custom appearance. A standing seam metal roof features metal panels that come in a wide variety of colors. The roof panels allow water to run off efficiently and can withstand inclement weather. A steel roof can be an excellent investment, lasting up to 50 years or more with proper care. Tile roofing holds up exceptionally well to snow, fire, water, frost, and insects and fits the Spanish colonial or Mediterraneanean style homes beautifully. Cedar shake is perfect for a rustic look, while cedar shingles look great on traditional Georgian style homes, and both are naturally resistant to UV rays, moisture, and insects.


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